Road News

You may want to check out the OHGO app from ODOT.  It provides traffic alerts and tools for planning your daily travels: OHGOtutorOHGOtutorial

What the SmartLane project on 670 is all about: SmartLane


Hello.  The contract has been ratified.  Thank you to all of the members who attended meetings to share their ideas and concerns, and to those who voted.

Event Maps

Please submit any events that result in street closures.


Road Rules

What should you do when an emergency vehicle approaches? Watch this video to check your knowledge: MovingOver

What are the rules for passing a school bus in Ohio:

Distracted driving is high-risk behavior. Even if you are minimizing your distractions, and you should be, other drivers may not. Take a look at this video of I-95 in Florida to get a sense of how much distracted driving happens around you: DistractedDrivers