Road News

You may want to check out the OHGO app from ODOT.  It provides traffic alerts and tools for planning your daily travels: OHGOtutorOHGOtutorial




It’s contract review time. Starting with the first weekend in February, we will be meeting every Saturday through July. This should allow us plenty of time to address all member concerns and also give members the opportunity to attend the 6 meetings required to vote.

Event Maps

Please submit any events that result in street closures.



It’s Winter.  Dress for the cold weather and be sure your footware is waterproof and safe.

Why Unions?

There is a fundamental question that every union member, and indeed every American worker should ask.  The question is “what have unions ever done for us?” If you are a union member, you are paying to support the union.  The following short video will help you understand what unions have done and continue to do for American workers.  We hope this will inspire you to attend local 212 meetings and discuss your interests and concerns.  Enjoy the video.