If you think of any activities that do not require meeting face to face, we would love to hear about them.  Our children and grandchildren can probably give us a few ideas.  Esports anyone?

Why Unions?

There is a fundamental question that every union member, and indeed every American worker should ask.  The question is “what have unions ever done for us?” If you are a union member, you are paying to support the union.  The following short video will help you understand what unions have done and continue to do for American workers.  We hope this will inspire you to attend local 212 meetings and discuss your interests and concerns.  Enjoy the video.

Event Maps

Please submit any events that result in street closures.


Interesting Links

Ever wonder how tired you are?  How do you measure your alertness?  There is no one answer, but here is a reaction test that you may enjoy taking.  This test is meant to be fun , and results will vary with your device performance and ease of use.  Many factors contribute to your reaction time, so do not make important decisions based on this test.  “Ramp up” and Enjoy.


Ever wanted to just say "Hi" and "By" to a person who is deaf using American Sign Language?  Pretty easy, as the video below will show you.  You may just want to learn it all!!

The Language of Driving

Every profession has terms and abbreviations of it’s own.  Sometimes unique, and sometimes re-purposed or re-cycled from general usage.  Here are a few terms and abbreviations that make our communications more efficient:

Blind Spot – Areas around a commercial vehicle that are not visible to the driver either through the windshield, side windows or mirrors.

ETA – estimated time of arrival

Tail Swing – the distance between the rear axle and the end of the bus.  The rear tire acts as a pivot point for the end of the bus which swings out when you turn.  BE AWARE – This can cause that back section of the bus to strike an object (car, bike, person, pole, etc.) if you are not careful.