Local212 Feb 20, 2021 Meeting Minutes


Attendance: Marvin Mallory (President), Patricia Jenkins (Secretary Treasurer), Alan Smith (Recording Secretary), Craig Jackson (Steward), Connie Williams



Mr. Mallory reminded us to check our new route days and times, and to remind our fellow drivers to do the same. New routes will begin on Feb 28th.

A poster from the Mayor and Health Commissioner can be found on the union bulletin board providing information on a COVID-19 best practices for barbers and hairstylists scheduled for February 22 at 4:00 p.m.

We were told that the union was working to get members vaccinated, but members should not wait if they can get vaccinated earlier somewhere else.

The survey carried out at work to determine how many people were interested in taking the vaccine gave 18 people who were willing to take it.

The TWU is lobbying the U.S. Congress to adopt the COVID-19 relief package, which includes $30 billion for transit workers through the TWU Transit Act. Staff and members were requested to do their part to pass this bill by writing to their representatives and urging them to pass it.

Marvin Mallory received and completed a national mask mandate questionnaire from The TWU International. He is asking everyone to document all incidents pertaining to customer mask compliance, and urged us to remain calm, contact dispatch and activate the camera if deemed necessary to document the incident.

There was a general discussion on the experience of drivers facing customer resistance to wearing masks.

Mr. Mallory informed us that the 26th TWU convention, held every 4 years, is scheduled for September 13 thru 17 in Las Vegas this year.  The convention addresses changes to our constitution as well as other national business. The executive board must vote to approve the trip.

We were informed that member union dues would be increasing after the August 2021 pay increase.  The dues amount has not been updated for some time and is based on (2) hours of a member's base pay.  For new hires that will be $30.30 per month.

Additionally, drivers have the option to pay a “fair share” of $10, but these members will not be eligible for arbitration representation.